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Charleston Parks and Playgrounds

Each playground in Charleston is open to the public from approximately dawn until dusk but individual sites set their hours according to staffing and programs. Some playgrounds are equipped with only outdoor facilities while other offer classes and indoor programs either on-site or in conjunction with schools, parks or athletic fields.

Programs offered by individual playgrounds vary in range from open recreation and standard daily arts and crafts, sports and games as well as homework help after school to age appropriate Karate classes from kids to adults and even senior activities including knitting, crocheting and sweet grass basket making.

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive Charleston playground offerings is the Hazel Parker Playground and Community Center on East Bay Street. The outside of this facility includes "a newly refurbished playground" with several play area, dog run, basketball court, tennis court, and lots of green space for children to run and play. Fee based programs for wee ones at the Hazel Parker include Smart Start Playtime and Tumbling. Other fee-based programs include ballet, music, painting, fishing, cooking, Spanish and more. Summer camps are also available at the Hazel Parker facilities as well as a selection of adult programs and classes for example, Pilates, or ballroom and swing dancing.

Other park networks such as St. Andrew's Playgrounds offers full scale sports and recreation programs, instructional camps in wide ranging areas of interests from character building and academics to career interests, as well as individual sports such as swimming and tennis and team sports such as softball, basketball and soccer. For more information of offerings by St. Andrew's Playgrounds .

Although the First Baptist Church operates Saint Andrew's Playgrounds, most of the playgrounds in Charleston are operated by the Recreation Department and information such as location by address and available programs can be found by contacting the individual playgrounds. Or for general playground information call Recreation Dept., 823 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Phone (843) 724-7327 or go to the Charleston City website.

Corrine Jones Playground, 36 Marlow Drive
(843) 724-7406

Deming Park Playground, 5th Ave. Maryville
(843) 965-4183

Forest Park Playground, 780 West Oak Forest
(843) 769-8259

Freddie Whaley Playground, 1810 Doscher Avenue
(843) 744-1640

Harmon Park Playground, 201 President Street
(843) 724-7399

Lenevar Playground, 205 Lenevar Drive
(843) 556-7393

Mall Park Playground, 68 Columbus Street
(843) 724-7408

Martin Park Playground, 155 Jackson Street
(843) 973-7222

McMahon Park Playground, 55 Cleveland Street

Moultrie Park Playground, 41 Ashley Avenue

Hazel Parker Playground, 70 East Bay Street
(843) 958-6485

Orleans Woods Playground
(843) 720-3889

Saint Andrews Playgrounds,
1095 Playground Road, Charleston
(843) 763-4360

Westchester Playground,
Secessionville Road
(843) 762-2499

For additional information call Recreation Dept.,
823 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29403.
(843) 724-7327

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