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Charleston Area Golf Allowing for golf practically year-round, the mild weather in coastal Charleston makes the area a natural choice in the development of newer and more challenging courses. Gaining the attention of professional golfers as the "in" place for golfing, new courses have been designed by those professionals to integrate the natural features of the Lowcountry. For example, Ralston Creek Course, the site of the P.G.A. Nationwide Tour at Daniel Island, is one of those courses that utilize marshes, lagoons, live oaks and other aspects of the Lowcountry terrain, to create "sculpted fairway bunkers to provide unpredictable hazards" enough to present an exciting championship test of talent and also present average golfers with a course that will hone skills and chip away at par.

Charleston's growing golfing facilities, communities, and courses are earning a national reputation for her selection of greens and challenging golf-scapes. With no less than 20 full-scale clubs and courses in and around Charleston and the islands, Golf Digest readers give Charleston/Kiawah area an overall 87.3 rating and Forbes Traveler named Charleston the 4th best golf city in America! With multiple courses at Wild Dunes and accessible tee times at Dunes West, Daniel Island, Hamlin Plantation, RiverTowne Country Club, Park West, Coosaw Creek, Wescott Plantation, Legend Oaks, Charleston National Country Club, Pine Forest Country Club and many more in the coastal region there is no wonder why Charleston rates among the best.

Golf is a multifaceted game. It's the perfect social encounter, a stress reducer, an afternoon of enjoyment, a way to take in the sun, get some exercise, discuss business, improve your game, make a friendly wager or just push the ball around the green. People in the know, know that Charleston is the place to be for a good game and great greens or just to participate by being among those in the gallery for a championship tour game. Plan your next vacation on the pristine bunkers of one of Charleston's finest golf courses.

If you're a newcomer to the game or have always wondered what the attraction is, make plans to try the game, if for no other reason than to see what it's all about. After all, if you're here in the Charleston area or planning to be in the area, why not reserve some tee-time. After all, you wouldn't go to Italy or France, the gourmet hotspots of the world, and not dine at one of the finer restaurants.

Why would you come to Charleston and not sample some of the best fairways to be played? When in Rome . . .

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