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Fishing in the Charleston Area ... Charleston, South Carolina is probably most popular for its inshore fishing, which is fishing the plentiful shallow coastal waters and estuaries. Well known for its ample redfish population as well as the speckled sea trout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead and even the fisherman's challenge, the shark, Charleston area waters are teaming with a variety of game fish. The tactics required to land varying fish is a diverse as the types of fish. Some fish require finesse while others will take muscle and determination to reel it in. Knowing what your desired sport fish likes to is also quite helpful in knowing where they can be found and what to use as a lure or for bait eat.

Some species run more heavily at various times, depending on the season and time of year, for example; summertime offers spotted sea trout, red and black drum, flounder, whiting, mackerel and crevalle jack but the trick is to fish at dawn and dusk when the waters are cooler and the fish are more active. Though successful fishing tends to slow to a halt in the summer months elsewhere, due to the plethora of baitfish, crab and shrimp found in the shallow waters around Charleston, the game fish typical to the season can usually be found in abundance.

Clipper boats are sharp bowed, narrow-beamed sailing ships designed in the mid-1800s for great speed. A modification of the clipper offered less speed but was used to accommodate more cargo. A modernized version of the clipper sailing vessel is still in use but the name clipper is more commonly applied to any fast sailing vessel.

Wake and water skiing as well as parasailing requires a boat and a motor with the horsepower to drag a passenger fast enough to give them lift or mobility atop the water. An inboard motorboat is preferred for this sport for the safety of skiers behind the boat. A skiff was originally a small sea-going fishing boat, crafted of wood with a flat bottom and powered by either wind or oars but has evolved to include small outboard motors as well.

A skiff may be used for either pleasure or fishing. Boats of a certain speed or size can only be operated in designated areas. To operate any motorboat one must also know age requirements and necessary training.

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