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Conde' Nast Traveler's named Charleston the #1 City in the USA six years running, and #2 in the world. This great city is where you'll find an eclectic group of people from across the country that have been lured to Charleston for the weather, the beaches and, the charm of the city and stayed for the same reasons. Yes, there are still native South Carolinians with the lilting accent, polite and reserved demeanor and pressed linen garb but the rhythm of Charleston is changing. At her heart is still southern charisma, but Charleston has become a city pulsing with ideas and personalities from just about everywhere.

With wine tasting and galleries galore, gourmet restaurants with renowned chefs from the finest of culinary ancestry, culture in theatre, nightlife and diverse entertainment, Charleston has become a destination spot no longer for those merely seeking the sunshine and beaches but for those seeking the perfect wedding spot, steaming nightlife, to be entertained or a glimpse into our country's history in all its unvarnished glory.

Charleston SC Hotels

Finding Your Ideal Lodging in Charleston ... Without a doubt, your choice of accommodations in Charleston is as diverse as the many people who visit here. Are you looking to book the perfect private honeymoon getaway, reserve a block of rooms or rent a beachside villa for out of town guests at a family function, or to find a historic inn or bed and breakfast where you can soak up some of Charleston's classic charm? No matter your price range or lodging preference, our online booking engine will be able to make choosing easy.

Charleston SC Meetings

Chas Meetings Services ... Many of Charleston's hotels can accommodate business meetings large or small, conventions, and seminars. Most also offer up to date technology to help you conduct the most effective and efficient meetings. to you.

Weddings and Reunions

Charleston is recognized as one of the top destination wedding cities in the United States. Just one visit to this beautiful city makes it easy to see why. Book a perfect wedding venue such as a gorgeous plantation, an elegant and sprawling garden, a centuries-old church or magnificently restored building. Choose from literally hundreds of churches, or say your vows at sunset on one of Charleston's many romantic beaches. When you book a wedding in a city as magnificent and charming as Charleston, you can be sure that your wedding day photographs will be just as glorious! You can also offer your guests the option to book a room at a discounted rate when you make several guest rooms available at a single hotel or inn.

Charleston Beaches and Vacation Rentals

When choosing a beach and/or vacation rental in Charleston, your options are limitless. Choose a home for just a few days or book something for a long term stay. Select a house that can accommodate multiple guests or a more private bungalow for a romantic getaway on one of Charleston's many gorgeous beaches. Select a location that is close to historic downtown Charleston or choose a more private and remote location. You'll find fully equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms and private baths to bring the utmost in relaxation and comfort while visiting Charleston. Visit our vacation rentals here at Charleston's Finest to find the perfect place and price.

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