• The Saffire Restaurant

The Saffire Restaurant

The Saffire Restaurant The Charleston Marriott at 170 Lockwood Boulevard, though maintaining its plain facade on the exterior, has recently undergone a major, multi million-dollar renovation to update and improve its guest rooms, health spa, common areas, amenities and restaurants. The underlying theme for these renovations appears to be for up and coming business stars and dynamic people from all walks of life to come, rest, rejuvenate and prepare to be at peak performance level to live to the fullest, in whatever they do.

To help support the energy these movers and shakers will need, the opulent and colorful transformations at the Marriott have incorporated the ancient concept of Feng Shui in placement of elementals in such a way as to promote optimum health, wealth and well being. Feng Shui is the Chinese system of aesthetics using the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth, (geography) to help improve one's life. Literally translated from Chinese to English, Feng Shui means, Wind and Water. More recent interpretations of those universal laws have come to incorporate the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, in unison with the four directions, north, south, west and east within the spatial theater to create a balanced flow of life-energy and healthful surroundings. The outcome of this concept within the hotel has produced a balanced environment of entertainment, leisure and relaxation together with meeting space and classrooms equipped with all modern and technical resources suitable for the most dynamic and prestigious of businesses.

Even the menu offered for breakfast at the Sapphire, Charleston's Oven Restaurant including a hot breakfast buffet for $13.00 or cold buffet for $11.00 clearly has kept the health conscious guest in mind with choices like fresh fruit and yogurt or the creative French toast made with a cornflake covering to create a crunchy, cinnamon spiced treat without all the butter and syrup calories. Healthful options are not an afterthought at the Marriott but are balanced with the more sumptuous selections for those who look to enjoy a more traditional breakfast of say a 3-egg omelet with delicious, thick and crispy bacon. A light offering of soup and salad for lunch continues the healthful balance or unique flat bread pizza-type meals with a selection of combined toppings offer a light and healthful meal but with the option to add extra cheese or pepperoni round out menu choices.

The Sapphire Restaurant decorated in rich wood floors, red and gold tones and equipped with both privacy booths and tables, is on the first floor of the Marriott and offers views of the lovely courtyard. The Sapphire, Charleston's Oven is in the perfect location for people watching, just off the main walkway in the hotel, so you can watch the hustle and bustle of the day without being a part of it...unless you want to be: then just step onto the concourse, go to your meeting or spa appointment, the pool, shopping or take a quick shuttle to downtown Charleston.

The service at Sapphire, in my experience, is polite, quick and efficient. A good way to start the day with a full service breakfast whether for business or leisure, but if one is in a hurry and only has a desire for fresh, aromatic coffee and a quick bite, The Daily Grind Coffee House is adjacent to the restaurant and ready to serve. The Sapphire is a full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with adult beverages served after 12:00 noon. Should you decide to dine at the Sapphire, dress is relaxed and casual.

For more information about The Saffire Restaurant in the Marriott Charleston Hotel visit their website.

Convenience for hotel guests, cleanliness, originality of the health concept and comfort in seating, the Sapphire, Charleston's Oven earns 3-star rating. Moderate pricing for light meals offers a good value for 2 1/2 - 3 $$$ rating.

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