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Best Charleston Hotel Deals

Shopping Online for the Best Deals - Staying in the historic district in Charleston South Carolina in the high season can be an expensive proposition. There are simply more people wanting to visit Charleston on the weekends in March, April, May and October than there are rooms to be had. Most of the more affordable rooms are in the $220 - $250/night range, and a few are available for less than $220. There are some great deals for under $220 if you can find them.

On the other hand, some of the worst values are in the $220 - $250/night range. We've inspected nearly all of the properties in Charleston and stayed in many of them, and frankly, if I paid $279/night to stay at some of these places, I would be very disappointed. I remember one case in particular where someone called us at Charleston Reservations wanting a room in this price range, and I booked him in the only property that met his requirements. It was an inn with about 40 rooms, with a rate of less than $220/night. His wife took one look at the room, walked out, and stormed down the street. I don't know how long she took to calm down, but I dare say this gentleman probably would have been much happier if he had decided to spend $289 or more per night for one of several 4 diamond hotels or inns in Charleston. The point is, the best rate does not necessarily mean the best deal for you. You can spend a few hours checking around on different web-sites and guides. The problem is, all of the properties look terrific on their web-site, so the only thing you can really tell is the style of the rooms and the amenities.

So, what is a good deal? - There are several small bed and breakfasts with one to fourteen rooms with rates from $189/night for weekends in October. They're scattered throughout the historic district from MUSC to the Battery. Bed and Breakfasts aren't for everyone, especially those with a high need for privacy, but 98% of the bed and breakfast rooms do have private baths, so you don't have to be concerned about bumping into another guest on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I don't want to offend anyone's sensitivities, but you do need to be concerned about noise…yours or your neighbors…so if you're too embarrassed to discuss this subject with the innkeeper, you probably should just find a hotel room or a larger inn.

Our other recommendation is to choose from one of the AAA four diamond inns or hotels. There are many choices in the $289-$359/night price range, and you'll be glad you spent the extra $100 for the weekend. Make sure you stick with the AAA rating, because some of the internet travel site's rankings can be a bit inflated and you're back to the same problem you had before. There are several AAA three diamond properties that are a great value, but you have to watch out because when the revenue manager at the property starts seeing that they're approaching being full, they'll push up the rates $20-50/night. A room that would be a great buy at $219, might not be so great at $269.

We've given you a number of warnings and a few recommendations. In general, it's a lot better to step up to $289/night or more and know that you're going to get a great room with no surprises. If you're more adventurous and want to have more money for shopping and fun, then find a small bed and breakfast for around $189/night, if you can. Search and shopping our online reservations 24/7. with the rates being as good or lower than all of the Orbitz, Hotels.com, Travelocity, and Expedia.

Enjoy your trip, and have a great time in Charleston.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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